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A simple walkthrough

To create a simple modification, follow this quick-start guide:

  1. If you are not at the initial view in editing mode, with your project name at the top of the side panel, click the icon on the sidebar.
  2. Select a project or add a new one
  3. Click: Create a modification
  4. Leave add trip pattern selected as the Modification Type, type "New Route Example" as the Modification Name. Confirm these options by clicking on the green button, which will create a modification and open the modification details panel for it.
  5. In the modification details panel, click Edit route geometry
  6. On the map, click to add stops for the new route. For more details on editing route alignments are see add trip pattern.
  7. In the modifications details panel, click: Add timetable
  8. Optionally, edit the default timetable parameters (e.g. set 5-minute headways for weekdays between 7 and 9 AM) and add additional timetables. For more on this see timetables.
  9. Click Save changes then return to the main list of Modifications with the icon at the top of the modification details panel.
  10. Add more modifications or proceed to analyze your scenario.