May, 2021

The latest Conveyal user interface, along with new routing engine v6.4, includes:

  • Detailed status and validation messages for GTFS and OSM upload
  • Reduced computation time for large regional analyses with complex transit patterns
  • Better handling of trips on the same route scheduled to overtake each other
  • Clearer presentation of accessibility results
  • The latest LEHD/LODES block-level employment release (2018, available via one-click import for US regions)

February, 2021

This Conveyal release (including routing engine v6.2):

  • Adds new options for spatial datasets, such as calculating travel-time matrices for uploaded origin-destination pairs (read more below)
  • Allows using different destination layers in the same regional accessibility analysis
  • Supports higher cutoffs with linear, exponential, and logistic decay functions
  • Improves geocoding results for the built-in region and address search
  • Corrects a bug that affected adjust-speed modifications with specific segments selected

December, 2020

  • Display metadata on the detail page for opportunity datasets.
  • Refine transit alignment editing in Add-Trip and Reroute modifications.
  • Prevent invalid coordinates (e.g. crossing the anti-meridian) from being used.
  • Handle invalid modifications more cleanly.