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  • Display metadata on the detail page for opportunity datasets.
  • Refine transit alignment editing in Add-Trip and Reroute modifications.
  • Prevent invalid coordinates (e.g. crossing the anti-meridian) from being used.
  • Handle invalid modifications more cleanly.

  • New recommended routing version v6.0.0 (read more below)
  • Decay functions to enable gravity-type accessibility indicators (read more below)
  • Routing engine fix for certain transfer times (read more below)
  • Manage analysis settings with Presets (previously known as Bookmarks)
  • New and improved User Manual
  • Dynamic destination travel time distribution display

Multi-dimensional regional analysesโ€‹

Previously, each regional analysis ran with a single opportunity dataset, time cutoff, and percentile. This required running multiple analyses, even when the underlying network bundle, scenario, and analysis settings were the same.