October, 2020

  • New recommended routing version v6.0.0 (read more below)
  • Decay functions to enable gravity-type accessibility indicators (read more below)
  • Routing engine fix for certain transfer times (read more below)
  • Manage analysis settings with Presets (previously known as Bookmarks)
  • New and improved User Manual
  • Dynamic destination travel time distribution display

August, 2020

Multi-dimensional regional analyses#

Previously, each regional analysis ran with a single opportunity dataset, time cutoff, and percentile. This required running multiple analyses, even when the underlying network bundle, scenario, and analysis settings were the same.

June, 2020

Comparison specific settings for single-point analyses#

We revamped the single-point analysis page and added flexibility in how settings are configured. This change facilitates comparisons of access on different dates, by different modes, with different limits on number of transfers, etc.