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This release adds:

  • Zoom level selectors that unlock higher spatial resolutions for isochrones, spatial datasets, and accessibility results.
    Isochrones with grid cell resolution z9 (left) vs. z11 (right)
    Isochrones with grid cell resolution z9 (left) vs. z11 (right)
    Isochrones with grid cell resolution z9 (left) vs. z11 (right)
  • Additional base map layers when viewing network bundles and data sources
  • Information on the selected analysis origin, and a button to set the origin to the center of the map
  • Bugfixes for importing modifications from other projects, and to eliminate occasional error messages when editing timetables

  • Ignore GTFS stops without coordinates (e.g., pathways nodes).
  • Show alert when a regional analysis might be stalled.
  • Show a loading indicator when waiting for single point analysis results.
  • Require non-empty values in all name fields.
  • Display upload errors and correct GeoTIFF handling for Data Sources.

We are pleased to announce the latest Conveyal release. New features in this release let you:

  • View your network's street and transit layer details on a new map. Many users have requested this feature, and we are excited to finally release it!
    Network viewer
    Network viewer
    Network viewer
  • Preview Data Sources on the map, and upload new data source types
  • Use Data Sources in custom street modifications for road congestion, slope-adjusted biking times, ridehail service, custom cycling level of traffic stress, and more (experimental)
  • Edit reroute modifications more easily, with less distracting auto-zoom behavior

Using a network bundle for the first time with the newly released routing engine (v6.7) may take a few moments, as a fresh network is built.

Additional improvements include: