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We're excited to announce these updates in the Conveyal platform and routing engine v6.5. This release makes it easier to:

  • Group modifications into different combinations, using a new scenario table:
    Scenario table with different modifications activated
    Scenario table with different modifications activated
  • Create aggregation areas with better progress reporting and validation, using the new Data Sources panel. In an upcoming release, this panel will also handle spatial datasets for custom origins, destinations, and modifications.
  • Save and Undo changes to modifications.
  • Inspect travel times to specific destinations, with the improved destination marker (click in the travel time legend)
  • Avoid certain timing errors on connections experiencing high latency to our central servers.

The latest Conveyal user interface, along with new routing engine v6.4, includes:

  • Detailed status and validation messages for GTFS and OSM upload
  • Reduced computation time for large regional analyses with complex transit patterns
  • Better handling of trips on the same route scheduled to overtake each other
  • Clearer presentation of accessibility results
  • The latest LEHD/LODES block-level employment release (2018, available via one-click import for US regions)

This Conveyal release (including routing engine v6.2):

  • Adds new options for spatial datasets, such as calculating travel-time matrices for uploaded origin-destination pairs (read more below)
  • Allows using different destination layers in the same regional accessibility analysis
  • Supports higher cutoffs with linear, exponential, and logistic decay functions
  • Improves geocoding results for the built-in region and address search
  • Corrects a bug that affected adjust-speed modifications with specific segments selected