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December, 2022

We're thrilled to announce these updates, especially a new itinerary viewer for diving into Conveyal's multi-modal routing results! To view detailed transit itineraries, use the recommended routing engine (at least v6.8), pin a destination on the map, fetch results, and click the "View routes to destination" button.

Display a summary of routes to the destination
Display a summary of routes to the destination

In the itinerary viewer, the left table shows a minute-by-minute summary of optimal itineraries from your selected origin to destination. Details for each itinerary are on the right, including access/egress time/mode, a range of total door-to-door durations (reflecting different waiting times encountered), the number of times the itinerary was used, and information about each transit leg of the journey (boarding/alighting stops, route, and in-vehicle time).

Additional improvements and bug fixes available with the v6.8 release:โ€‹

  • Improved informational and warning messages returned while running an analysis
  • Revised on-street routing to prevent passing certain OSM barrier nodes (such as emergency exits)
  • Enabled experimental "generalized cost" routing on additional networks
  • Fixed a bug that could set an incorrect bicycle LTS in certain modifications
  • Improved file upload