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April, 2022

We are pleased to announce the latest Conveyal release. New features in this release let you:

  • View your network's street and transit layer details on a new map. Many users have requested this feature, and we are excited to finally release it!
    Network viewer
    Network viewer
  • Preview Data Sources on the map, and upload new data source types
  • Use Data Sources in custom street modifications for road congestion, slope-adjusted biking times, ridehail service, custom cycling level of traffic stress, and more (experimental)
  • Edit reroute modifications more easily, with less distracting auto-zoom behavior

Using a network bundle for the first time with the newly released routing engine (v6.7) may take a few moments, as a fresh network is built.

Additional improvements include:

  • Handling transfers to uncommon route patterns (such as "loop" ⭕ and "lollipop" 🍭 routes) more realistically (details)
  • Fixing a bug that applied walking time limits to non-walk (e.g. bike) requests
  • Correcting the order in which stops are added to backwards reroute modifications -- if you created reroute modifications where service extended backward from a stop on an existing pattern between September 2020 and February 2022, your support team can help you correct them
  • Reducing computation time when egress modes are changed and transit is toggled on and off