February, 2021

This Conveyal release (including routing engine v6.2):

  • Adds new options for spatial datasets, such as calculating travel-time matrices for uploaded origin-destination pairs (read more below)
  • Allows using different destination layers in the same regional accessibility analysis
  • Supports higher cutoffs with linear, exponential, and logistic decay functions
  • Improves geocoding results for the built-in region and address search
  • Corrects a bug that affected adjust-speed modifications with specific segments selected

Spatial datasets#

  • Opportunity datasets are now managed through the spatial dataset panel. When uploading a CSV file of points, you can process it as a freeform pointset to keep exact coordinates (in addition to rasterizing to a grid).
  • These freeform (non-grid) pointsets can be used as origins and destinations in regional travel time and accessibility calculations. Travel time matrices and other related features require the latest routing engine (v6.2).
  • This release improves how polygons with low opportunity densities are disaggregated into raster grids, but polygons with very low densities are still subject to some statistical noise.
  • See the user manual or contact your support team for more information.